Saturday, December 22, 2012

Spinning Wheels

Mr. Owen printed out the instructions for the Dodec Spinning Wheel and spent the week putting one together. It needs to be sanded and a clear coat of stain put on it. He used Tennessee Red Cedar to make the wheel. Along the way he made a couple of changes and has plans to make a couple more and then he may just be ready to sell a couple. Not bad for a first try. Okay Carol June he says he's ready to learn to spin are you ready to learn to play the banjo?
One of the changes he made was to use a couple of the old wheels off my quilting machine when I replaced all my wheels with new ones. He also used longer bolts than were called for in the plans.


  1. Wow Mr. Owen!!! That is really a pretty spinning wheel! I thought I recognised the close-up of that wheel. So there should be 3 more of those parts waiting to be used on the next Dodec/Owen spinning wheels!!! Very nice!